You Get What You Give by New Radicals

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Power up. Thanks to everyone who posted music here. I've enjoyed the rambles. And take care!

mdnightmaverick 24 Sep 2015

That one hit wonder..this is it for me.   21

cbinseoul 30 Oct 2014

It's #NationalOne-HitWonderDay! This is a thing. Here's one of my faves!   1

jalynhenton 25 Sep 2015

tbh, far more than Britney, THIS is the song that captures the blind idiot optimism of "peak pop"   6

tomewing 29 Sep 2014

This is my #LastJam   4

ryangibbs 24 Sep 2015

Definitely need #NewRadicals in here before #jampreserves . All-time fave! #yougetwhatyougive #thisismyjam   1

deejay 19 Aug 2015