At The Chime Of A City Clock by Nick Drake


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It has to be said...sometimes you just can't beat a bit of Nick Drake.

Wriggle 15 Dec 2014

Perfect song for a day like today -- cold & blustery outside, and the office is like a ghost town. Makes me want to put on an oversized sweater and take a nap in a bay window with a cat curled up at my feet. However, I do not have a bay window or a cat. I'll take the nap anyway and be happy with that. :-)

ExileOnEStreet 5 Dec 2014

#ABCofMe D is for Nick Drake. What else need be said?   3

DavidShepherd 13 Aug 2015

A city star / won't shine too far / on account of the way you are   3

bwhitman 9 Apr 2013

Wishing @Bukowski a fabulous day :) x x   9

abigail.deeks 24 Jun 2014

The bucolic Romantic poet of the 20th Century. One of my all time favourite songs.   20

Bukowski 17 Sep 2014