Cello Song by Nick Drake


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Released in July 69, but always sounds pretty Autumnal to me. First Nick Drake song I ever heard, and still very powerful. Sad, chilly sounds for September....

blue1meanie 3 Sep 2015

Gabrielle Drake has just released a book about her posthumously famous brother, Nick. While some critics and fans tend to focus on the depressive and "doomed" aspects of Nick Drake's music & lyrics, I've always from him sweetly, if a little sadly, romantic. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/nov/15/i-want-to-complicate-the-nick-drake-story

helva834 27 Nov 2014

I'm just kind of in the mood for a little bit of Nick Drake

lesakramer5 26 Mar 2015

This was the song that hooked me on Nick Drake nearly 20 years ago,having had no idea what he sounded like during 70's and 80's.Have now got this on vinyl as part of the beautiful Remembered For A While set.Lovingly put together by sister Gabrielle and Cally,it is a fitting testimony to a short,but remarkable,life.   12

tpjdavies 17 Nov 2014

I discovered Nick Drake about five years ago, a sad dead artist with his frozen and forgotten songs. The songs have a strange melancholy, in the Cello Song, the cello and the guitar with NickĀ“s lyrics stand up as a monument of that time, and in some degree, my youth.   3

kantcyklister 12 Dec 2014

I am in the mood for Nick Drake I hope you enjoy   3

lesakramer5 26 Mar 2015