Riverman by Nick Drake

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gumxyz 25 Sep 2015

Nick Drake's Riverman is full of lulling river sounds. Imagining the snow is melting . . . #todaysjam   1

ColMPaperArtist 31 Jan 2015

LPsOfMyLife#7 Didn't want to chose this one (too easy). have chosen Cello Song but someone did today. Way to Blue, Saturday Sun, Day is done, Fruit tree... I didn't like the videos I was offered. Flee evidence is often vain.   12

MyBlueElephant 12 Aug 2013

For when the sun is dazzling and steady, heating your skin but unable to warm your heart...   10

AlicejustMay 8 Feb 2015

40 years ago today,Nick died.He left just three lps of wonderful music that has finally found a substantial audience this century.   12

tpjdavies 25 Nov 2014

I know it was my jam some time ago but I love it - and I"m back !   2

pitchwitch 24 May 2015