Time Has Told Me by Nick Drake


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released 45 years ago today, off the "Five Leaves Left" album. RIP Nick Drake.

MIKutuzov 3 Sep 2014

A final, final bye to This Is My Jam, from a hotel room in Porto, with one that is timeless for me.   8

furlongthedog 25 Sep 2015

Well, I'd better jam SOMETHING!! I've been trying to jam a few things, but they all appear to be blocked! :-( This being one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlX5fTReQso Anyway, I give up, don't normally like jamming 'big songs' but I thought this was apt, as time has told me that you are all rare, rare finds. Honestly, I am privileged to have 'met' you lovely people. This is a rare site as it seems to attract a certain 'type' and everyone I have encountered has been my kinda people :-) Thanks @flaneur and the rest of the team for all your efforts, we appreciate all your hard work. So, a few goodbyes...   39

melissapulo 26 Sep 2015

I'm a sucker for a beautiful song #mymusicalconfessions   2

jonjonjohnny 20 Mar 2015

Enjoyed the talk/Q&A session by Gabrielle Drake and Cally Callomon at the Moseley Folk Festival, and now I have a signed copy of their book on Nick. I've started transcribing this song for voice and (very basic) ukulele - by the way the lost chord for moving into the middle-8 is E7, it just came to me at work this afternoon! Anyway, a classic track.


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KerryEJordan 14 Aug 2014