Way To Blue by Nick Drake


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Still exploring and discovering Nick Drake. I always thought of Way to Blue as an Elton John song… never realized it was a cover… perfect for a very rainy day in Berkeley.   1

fathermojo 11 Dec 2014

autumn will be soon upon us, and nick drake is perfect for it. one of my favorites by him.   1

ubunoir 21 Sep 2012

Tell us what you find, we will wait at your gate, hoping like the blind.

BjrnKohlstrm 29 Jul 2012

Sadly never recognised in his lifetime

westburtonlad 7 Jun 2012

sung by Lisa Hannigan, Teddy Thompson and Green Gartside   3

roydesmet 18 Feb 2013

2010 in honor of Nick Drake with interviews and concert:) so glad I found for archive! The Way to Blue:)   8

lesakramer5 13 Aug 2015