Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey

“His debut album First Mind is out now and it's a gorgeous listen.”

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His debut album First Mind is out now and it's a gorgeous listen.   1

Dyflin 22 May 2014

Just got back from Berlin! This song was on one of the many new album I listened while I was there.

Cath 13 Nov 2014


dijkvanruben 23 Oct 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I knew my 2014 album countdown was going to overrun... Ahh well just means we've got the best music to start 2015 on! So at 4 on the top 10 albums of 2014 we've got Nick Mulvey - First Mind! Nick used to be the drum player in a Jazz type band called Portico Quartet, but hes had a big change, become a solo singer/songwriter and boy oh boy am I glad he did! First Mind is his debut album and its a beauty, with some of the best guitar playing I've heard in a long time! Theres also lots of world sounds throughout his songs which makes each song sound different and unique. I jammed this song back in November when I'd just been to see Nick live and now the year has finished I can say that gig was probably my favourite of 2014! He was playing at Manchester Cathedral and it was just the perfect setting for this type of music, beautiful scenery, beautiful sounds! Standout songs: Fever To The Form, Meet Me There, Cucurucu   5

DownRabbitHole 3 Jan 2015

looking forward to Kendal Calling

Paradykes 5 Apr 2015

Headphones for this one kids. Wait for those casual drums.

bnjmnjck 27 Jun 2014