I Can't Go for That (Hall & Oates) by Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers

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but richadase was first  

Dashcam-tastic! With thanks to @ollie ...   6

pez 10 Mar 2013

recorded on a phone while driving &still sounds better than some "professional" recordings you hear these days

apostrophedave 6 Apr 2012

The kazoo is especially tight.   3

Melindrift 31 Mar 2012

Probably my favorite song featuring a kazoo!

BrandeewineB 28 Feb 2014

Apparently Zach Galifianakis is in the car somewhere ... Picked this tune because Hall & Oates were recently inducted into the American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ... And while I was never a huge fan, some recognition for classics like Sarah Smile, Private Eyes, She's Gone, and this one, is long overdue ... Comes with plenty of LA car vibe and kazoo.   3

europabridge1 3 Nov 2013

Dammit, stuck in my head.   3

amalthya 17 Aug 2013