These Days by Nico


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"These days I seem to think a lot about the things that I forgot to do."

CurtAntoinette 12 Apr 2015


sphia 12 Jun 2015


sphia 12 Jun 2015

Please don't confront me with my failures. I had not forgotten them.   3

OnlySimonLucas 25 Apr 2015

Hello Jammers! We have a new soundtrack post. This time it is on Cinema┬┤s most extravagant and fantastic family The Royal Tenenbaums We hope you enjoy it!   4

MVD 2 Jul 2015

The #1 most played song from my iTunes. Something about Jackson Browne's guitar at the beginning is just breathtakingly beautiful.   1

Smellyrebel 22 Jul 2015