Various Methods of Escape by Nine Inch Nails

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One of my favorite tracks off the new #NIN album. #HesitationMarks #NineInchNails #TrentReznor #VariousMethodsofEscape

fryedrycestyle 1 Sep 2013

Personal soundtrack would inevitably be this and The Big Come Down stuck on loop.

klang17 9 Jun 2014

Why’d you have to make this so hard?

StuHorvath 17 Feb 2014

Tickets tomorrow!!

keegs 15 Oct 2013

Who knew that several months removed, the lyrics to my favorite song on the album would be the only way I can express what's going on in my head?

rogercrum 6 Apr 2014

3:02. Feels.

TheChrisAbbott 26 Aug 2013