Milk It by Nirvana

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This was my jam when I was like, 15. Many years later I think I can trace my interest in wrong sounding music back to that point.

oholiab 8 Jan 2015

Waiting at Seattle Airport fór þyrlan flight home.

olifly 5 Oct 2012

This makes me feel like I'm walking 10 feet in the air.

johngillis 19 Jun 2015

Kurt favourite lyricist, an amazing guitarist, a great singer and a man who introduced millions of people to underground music. If I could resurrect one person (aside from those close to me!) look no further! Milk It has some of my favourite lyrics plus its a top example of the loud-quiet dynamics they took from the Pixies! Every song on In Utero (and Nevermind ofc!) is perfect IMHO, I'm out of superlatives   7

mjgBZ32 16 Jul 2013