Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO (Cover by Noah)

“screw the original 90s shit. here's the real deal!”

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screw the original 90s shit. here's the real deal!

MatthiasAuer 12 May 2012

I have to share this with you guys. It blew my mind!!! (hate hate hate the original but this is pure gold! )

Yas217 29 May 2012

HOOOOLY Crap. This kid nails it. Awesome stuff.

jempage 10 Feb 2013

SICK.   1

margaretiscool 19 Jan 2013

This is an excellent cover...Waaaaay better than I was expecting.   5

CamLangford 13 May 2012

THIS DUDE IS EIGHTEEN WTF. I wasn't expecting that voice to come out of that face.   1

AllenHolt 11 May 2012