Le vent nous portera by Noir Désir

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but tjehan was first  

I maintain that "Des Visages Des Figures" is the French "Kid A"...   1

TBBYNH 10 Aug 2013

This song feels like summer. Temperature is also rising if you try to find a working video with good audio quality as well. Vevo blocks as usual  the official ("beach") video for TIMJ. The music makes it all right  :)   10

Salvadore 28 Jul 2013

For a lost childhood on the sands of North Berwick

gyrhound 3 Mar 2015

This guy was cool until he beat his girlfriend to death...   3

tjehan 2 Nov 2011

La folie comme le grain de sable, le vent l'emportera.

Blackmohe 8 Jan 2015