Dance With Me by Nouvelle Vague


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This is a very enjoyable video by a great covers band :)   15

SonicRoss 13 Sep 2015

Seems like I've ended up doing my own thematic week... movies'n'music week or something like that... love both, so, easy task ;) As I'm not narrowing down just to original soundtrack it gets more fun and unexpected, 'cause is simply goes on picking the right context... Here, the French cover band Nouvelle Vague (New Wave), takes a scene from Jean-Luc Godard classic nouvelle vague movie, Bande à Part (Band of Outsiders). I love the result, very charming!   28

BladeRunner 10 Oct 2013

Coolest dance ever. Over and over again. Love it.   1

TatjanaRop 16 Feb 2012

Spring has finally arrived. So, a rejam of July 2012 from my favourite cover band, Nouvelle Vague. Dance!   52

dutchzaphod 22 Apr 2013

Nouvelle Vague's remake of an eighties song while using a clip from Godard's movie 'Bande à part' . Stunning!   23

dutchzaphod 24 Jul 2012

Well, I almost jammed them the other day and it was inevitable I would do at some point, so I might as well get it out of the way now! :) Love this video too...   20

melissapulo 8 Aug 2014