Champagne Supernova by Oasis

“....Where were you while we were getting high?”

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....Where were you while we were getting high?   1

Lovely_Rose 4 May 2014

This came on in the car today.Driving down a country lane in glorious sunshine it never sounded so good.   2

AndyMack 9 Apr 2015

Hadn't intended posting this one today. Actually, it isn't on my posting list (yes, I have a list) anywhere. I've been getting aural with meteor showers of space rock lately & uncovered a few mondo-minute spectaculars...all this after eulogizing over 3 minute wonders. I've not been 'on' anything either (pointy accusing fingers away, please). I just like to be 'transported' at intermittent intervals. Like all sub-genres of pop/rock, Britpop had its share of triumphs. Oasis were simply stellar and although Liam is undoubtedly one of the biggest gits to walk the planet, he's considerably wealthier & talented than my goodself, so it would appear in most respects, I lose. His bro, for my loot, is one of geetars unsung heroes. Tbh, a band that uses Da' Beatles & Kinks combos as 'moulds', can't go too far off the tracks. Yes, the lyrics here are mostly tosh, but it has that anthemic quality & I sing like a police informant when it comes on. Oh & nearly 17m views on The Toob. S'alright...   48

21schizoid 7 Apr 2014

Continuing my series of favourite last tracks. This one comes from Whats the Story Morning glory. Great last track :)   17

terence 19 Aug 2013

One of my absolute faves in high school. It's held up well, IMO

BuenoWaino 11 Jul 2015

unforgettable!   3

davethebassman 3 Sep 2012