Some Might Say by Oasis


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It's a little known fact that there's a banner at Etihad Stadium, where the blokes of Manchester City play, that says, "Some might say we will find a brighter day" in a reference to the lyrics of this song. I know I stop whenever this song comes on. This and "Acquiesce" are the two songs that define what makes Oasis Oasis, even according to the band themselves.

mojoshivers 12 May 2015

Some might say we will find a brighter day

ladygad 12 May 2015

Overflowing gently.

tcbrekke 6 Apr 2015

Been in an Oasis mood this week. Noel > Liam.   2

artrockrebel 2 Mar 2013

Textbook example of harmonic acceleration (i.e. speeding up the chord changes) to create excitement in a song. Even my 8 month old daughter starts to smile as the musical tension builds through the prechorus and then starts waving her arms madly as it explodes in the chorus! Irresistible songwriting from the Chief. Now if only we knew what on earth he was on about in the lyrics...

cliffmiddleton 31 Aug 2015

I just needed to hear something noisy and rambunctious today. Oasis fits the bill.   1

duncan_idaho 10 Jul 2014