Talk Tonight by Oasis


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but jonbrombley was first  

My favourite band doing what they do best.

livmellor_ 14 Jul 2012

Got it stuck in my head after hearing Dad practice it so much, and then hearing Jamie's version at the wedding!   1

PersonalNadir 1 Sep 2014

A classic Noel Gallagher b-side. I've still got it on cassette somewhere...   1

jonbrombley 20 Feb 2012

This song has so many personal memories for me... Listening to it brings back a lot of joy, pain, and everything in between. And it has particular significance to my life right now.

PianoGN 10 Jan 2015

Can see these reforming this year.............

Husker456 28 Jan 2014

"I wanna talk tonight, Until the mornin' light, 'Bout how you saved my life." Please   2

Grayling 18 Mar 2013