It's Not Easy by Ofege

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drauks 11 Sep 2015

#1974 #psychedelic #africa "Ofege was formed by a bunch of teenage hipsters at the prestigious St. Gregory's College in the Obalende area of Lagos. Comband Razor described them as "a cross between the Bay City Rollers and Santana". He also said "It's clear that for Ofege, songs were largely incidental, little more than excuses to launch into insane, distorted guitar solos. It's also very clear that they smoked a lot of weed"

joanllenas 19 May 2015

In the spirit of the Fare Thy Well shows last weekend.

civic6 8 Jul 2015

hearing this for the first time, but not the last...   3

eliotvb 6 Feb 2015

A lesser known track by the lesser known masters of afro-psych: daaam, Ofege is so good!

Parleone 15 Feb 2013