Reciprocation (feat. yeule) by Oh My Muu

“I have been excitedly waiting for this release. When I first heard it a few months ago, I wanted to listen to it over and over but felt a bit weird racking up soundcloud listens since it wasn't public yet. So, I'm really happy to able to listen to this EP again & be able to share it this time. [“Self Help” appears in form with a dark and depressing undertone, yet is malleable enough to take shape and absorb splashes of color to paint a beautifully uplifting portrait.] Reciprocation is my favorite track because it's very dreamy and has beautiful layers of sound (but, the whole EP does tbh). I've also always loved yeule's haunting voice. This EP is def one of my favorite releases this year, & I love how it's a big mix of the Zoom Lens family (welcome Oh My Muu). I look forward to future releases by Oh My Muu!”

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