A Girl In Port by Okkervil River

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tobiassvn 14 Aug 2015

Up in her room, the records spin. Needle in the grooves that she's worn thin.

earthtokristy 14 Feb 2013

Devastatingly beautiful. And just when you think it can't get any better, the pedal steel comes in.

danrebellato 8 Mar 2012

Camden not quite Camdon but so it goes.

alberta 18 Nov 2013

Oh, I'm a weak and lonely sort Though I'm not sailing just for sport I've come to feel out on the sea These urgent lives press against me I'm just guest - I'm not a part My tender head with my easy heart These several years out on the sea Made me empty, cold and clear; Pour yourself into me

thistleburr 27 Jul 2015

#Lyrics. 'Nuff said.

KalaniPerry 18 Oct 2014