Consolation Prize by Orange Juice

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but GrahamKelly was first  

so frightfully camp

AlbertaBalsam 16 Nov 2012

Back on the Juice. #bridge!

graficzny 16 Aug 2013

Choosing great songs from our #RLWC2013 competing nations. This, is a bobby dazzler for the Bravehearts

RLWC2013 3 Apr 2013

"I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn's, I was hoping to impress. So frightfully camp, it made you laugh."

superfuzz 25 Aug 2012

The national anthem of fey indie boys

anthonyegregory 18 Oct 2013

Later this month, I shall have been on Last fm for 10 years. To celebrate, I'll be posting a song from each of my overall top ten artists. Thus, at no.10 (greatly helped by the Coals To Newcastle box set a couple of years back), it's Orange Juice...   2

Rocklobster 10 Mar 2014