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Overpoweringly lovely...   1

jasonwryan 31 Aug 2013

“I don’t want them to follow me,” he explained. “I want them to follow themselves, but to be with me.”

edsu 11 Jun 2015

The theme of this one has been running round my head fairly constantly the last few weeks, often mixed up with Lonely Woman from the same LP. Not complaining, just saying.   1

Roreek 17 May 2015

What a legendary figure. From Ayler and Coltrane to Beefheart and The Velvets, an inescapable influence on left-field art. I saw him a few years back and he was still breathtaking. RIP.   3

aHandfulOfRain 11 Jun 2015

RIP, Ornette

sadogre 11 Jun 2015

RIP Ornette Coleman. One of the all-time essential albums.

kevinrburns 12 Jun 2015