Habit by Ought

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but joelstreet was first  

the nervous energy that comes from this song...the restraint in the voice...while sounding a lot like David Byrne, exudes an energy like the habit he has really isn't a good thing. and it's really got a hold of him. much like Velvet Underground's "Heroin" felt like they were making you feel the trip. this song shares that same effect of taking you down that same path.   1

jodavie 3 Jul 2015

Discovered these guys last year via the recommendation from a friend - very Fugazi-esque. Looking forward to seeing them next week and on their tour of Blighty in September.   2

BelloDiNotte 21 May 2015

My anthem for this (half)year. Fun fact: Tim Beeler sings "feel" 35 times and "habit" 44 times in this song. #2014

doqtor 30 Jun 2014

9. CD's of 2014 My surprise of the year by chance going to a gig knowing nothing of them, Talking Heads reincarnated they may be? It is a wonderful losing yourself CD.   3

markwakeley 4 Dec 2014

I feel a habit forming   1

TomAtLarge 27 Oct 2014

Almost forgot my last song for the Christmas countdown. Favorite song of the year, favorite album of the year, and favorite new band this year. This one will stay up until the new year.

astiocles 26 Dec 2014