Roses by Outkast

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I'll be singing this with my hearts out next week at Secret Garden Party.

Parleone 16 Jul 2015

Bringin this one back.

HellaLia 30 Jan 2012

Better come back down to Mars. Girl, quit chasin' cars.   3

bbionic 18 Jul 2015

Andre 3000 and Big Boi made such a good musical pairing.   4

cjn22 15 Nov 2013

I have loved this since I first heard it...I like the video that goes with it too but it wouldn't let me Jam it of course so I'll leave the YouTube link below if you want to watch it.   6

marissapicone 13 Aug 2015

“Roses” by Outkast is my new jam. #bathroomjam

zachhale 1 Apr 2015