Tropic of Cancer by Panda Bear


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this is the only track on the new one that genuinely DOES IT for me

naxuu 15 Jan 2015

An extremely early contender for album of the year - can't wait to see NBL at Primavera in a couple of months.   4

BelloDiNotte 23 Jan 2015

Noah Lennox is currently in the lead for releasing the best album of the year, having put this out so early in 2015. This album has had me under its spell for the past few days, one that I won't likely break free from anytime soon. Highlights for me including the above track, "Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker", "Lonely Wanderer", and "Acid Wash".   4

Enish 16 Jan 2015

He goes a bit overboard with the Brian Wilson parroting, but Panda Bear's new album is a wonderful bit of wonky pop bliss.

luke_richardson 12 Jan 2015

Impossibly beautiful track from the new Panda Bear LP

MagicAlexDJS 12 Jan 2015

Side note: please suggest me good break up songs as my heart is achey and breaky.   2

avantgarde 1 Feb 2015