Mundian To Bach Ke by Panjabi MC

“A classic. The soundtrack to India's win today.”

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A classic. The soundtrack to India's win today.   8

_Kirts 15 Feb 2015

Totally love this. It can't fail to make me feel so happy. Happy Friday folks x   1

sarahsebright 12 Dec 2014

We were discussing the differences between Palak Paneer and Saag Paneer, so this was the soundtrack in my head, natch.

cliff1976 28 May 2015

Can't get enough of that Knight Rider bass line.

word.srsly 9 Feb 2012

Bhangraaaaaa! 80's kids: wait for the bassline.   1

echtburge 20 Jan 2012

Memories of India for a Wednesday morning.

Mme_G 25 Dec 2013