Flash Light by Parliament


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natyblooming 15 Aug 2014

#MinneapolisFunk towered in the '80s. But what defined it? Metro, futuristic. How'd it differ, say, from Parliament circa 1978? Band leader George Clinton had the sound of tomorrow, too. Listen: That croc-toothed bassline's no bass. It's three Minimoog synthesizers stacking pyramidal funk up and down in the background -- a zig-zag skyline. Extraterrestrial; electric; suitable for a group popularizing Afrofuturism. And isn't that similar to Minneapolis funk? Both are electric, but they're not the same. Parliament is large, soulful upbeats clapped, background singers harmonized. Bigness will beget disco. Winnowing that sound to its funkiest electro-filament leaves something for MN. Tight, airless, popping. (Plus, Afrofuturism never conscripted Prince. Afro-surrealism did, for his floaty sexuality, effete air and rococo humor, but not Afrofuturism.) This track cratered Minneapolis, all the same, its robo-bassline especially. Musicians would strip away the groovy scrap, one most famously.

iprefernotto 29 Jan 2015

Now, that is MUCKY

solearther 13 Nov 2014

The funkiest bassline in human history.   3

BoringPostcards 23 Aug 2013

Wishing everyone a very funky Friday.

hrhqkns 17 Oct 2014

"Everybody's got a little light under the sun…" #FunkyFriday   3

uchitel96 22 Aug 2014