Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts


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but Matan was first  

I was debating swedish fish, roasted peanuts or licorice.

lizzyloo 29 Oct 2014

Discovered this thanks to a Findlay mixtape on Spotify...   1

flame_me_up 18 Sep 2015

Been seriously digging on this lately. Love the droney repetition that's so Modern Lovers, Fall, Pavement, Yo La Tengo and such.   5

crawtonleek 27 Aug 2014

This appeared across the jamisphere way before I heard it anywhere else - an excellent album that I still play regularly. #TIMJdiscoveries   3

StillHonest1 16 Aug 2015

I'd say this was one of my 2013 favourites, only problem is it's been out for well over a year, but everyone ignored it for the first 6 months so it's been released at least twice but maybe it counts... This song is typical of their witty (yes, even with that title) lyricism, basically documenting the protagonist's time walking round trying to find nutritionally sound food to satisfy those munchies. They're rather (very) Pavement-ish, and if you don't like Pavement then you aren't a real indie rock fan!   14

mjgBZ32 25 Nov 2013

One of 2 songs running around my head at the moment, the other was a classic = blocked. New Band = Enjoy.   8

Matan 8 Nov 2012