Smells Like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith

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I love this cover so fucking much   3

TheFunkosaurus 23 Aug 2012

My favorite Patti Smith cover... and yes I do know Because the Night is a Bruce Springsteen song!   8

spook_school 11 Aug 2012

"I'm worse a what I do best / and for this gift I feel blessed"   1

JoeTortuga 16 Dec 2013

Pati Smith with a very nice (and different) cover of the Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit. Enjoy this very nice and soft and slow version :-).   1

Tiburoncito 22 Dec 2013

because Patti.

marjohn626 16 Dec 2013

Great cover . Would've been Kurt's 47th last Thursday

parkysan 24 Feb 2014