Queenie Eye by Paul McCartney

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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm quite liking Paul McCartney's new album. I could say it's not my "usual thing", but then I remind myself that I love all sorts of music for all sorts of different reasons, including this. There's certainly something to be said for a 71 year old to still be producing original catchy music... I mean, he doesn't have to, but he clearly wants to and I'm glad he still does.   4

jpaylor 4 Nov 2013

Classic pop song from that fella who looks a bit like your mates auntie.

MattRoberts 11 Dec 2013

Did Macca ever expect to be making music like this when he was 64 plus? (Had to use subtitled version due to copyright restrictions)

lozarithm 29 Nov 2013

I keep hearing this on 6Music.   2

litlnemo 18 Dec 2013

My favorite song from McCartney's best album of originals in over fifteen years, New. (He's done two very good albums of covers in that time span, too.)   1

noyoucmon 20 Dec 2013

Very much enjoying his new offering... which is nice   3

NineInchSpoon 6 Nov 2013