Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney

“Not your average @PaulMcCartney! #Macca6Music

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Not your average @PaulMcCartney! #Macca6Music   4

BBC6Music 22 Sep 2013

'We Can Take Dictation And Learn To Smile'

glovesmore 13 Nov 2014

I'm jamming the shit out of TIMJ till it shuts down, Here's Paul gone synth/pop-ish   2

zentopia7 26 Aug 2015

Synthy Paul

porksung 6 Feb 2015

I just can't get over this song.

lilhinx 23 Jan 2012

I first heard this on Lauren Laverne's show before Christmas and couldn't stop playing it for a week. Now it's time to listen to it again.   7

deeharvey 8 Jan 2014