Rene And George Magritte with Their Dog After The War by Paul Simon

“When they wake up they will find all their personal belongings have intertwined”

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When they wake up they will find all their personal belongings have intertwined

gingang1 21 May 2012

Demo version. The Penguins, The Moonglows, The Orioles and The Five Satins were 1950s doo-wop groups.   3

pez 4 Jan 2013

This has been going through my head all morning.   2

Molly 3 Jun 2013

This might just be the best song Paul Simon ever wrote...and no one thought to inform me of this until I found out for myself. Meanies.   2

alexcornetto 2 Nov 2013

What I probably was listening to most this week...30 years ago. Hearts and Bones is one of the first albums I bought on cassette, and thinking back, I probably never fully appreciated what a fine work this probably had to do with the difficulty of selecting a particular track to hear (it's so easy to do so today in this digital world, but then, you even could do that with vinyl). But I see the tape this morning in the rack on my office wall, beckoning, let's try one more time. And my answer is, be careful how you ask...I have the ability to rip your songs digitally! But I also can take you out in my 1994 Ciera, still equipped with a cassette deck, and try, try again. (Album released November 4, 1983)

jcopestuf 8 Nov 2013

Side by side, they fell asleep / Decades gliding by like Indians, time is cheap…   1

grettir 23 May 2013