Blue Eyed Hexe by Pixies

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Something for the weekend Sir? Yes please, I'll have a large beer and one of those Blue Eyed Hexe's from the mighty Pixies, thanks.   2

jonjonjohnny 14 Feb 2014

My latest songs-changed-to-be-about-my-cat choice. "GREEN EYED BELLA". #sofuckingcool #pixies #cat

saraldavey 30 Jun 2014

Well, admittedly it's not the most nuanced, sophisticated song written in the history of rock 'n' roll. But once you've heard that clobbering great chorus, by God is it hard to get out of your head.   1

stevefawcett 31 Jan 2014

Rockingly awesome awesomeness.

brejep 25 Apr 2014


koboldstyle 12 May 2014

It's 2014- let there be noise! @pixies still sounding good after all these years...

Scrambledegg71 3 Jan 2014