Girlfriend by Pebbles


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but daniela was first  

basically i'm obsessed with this song even though, until last week, i hadn't heard it in like 25 years.

gbaker 29 Jul 2013

Inspired by @shiningsun2k and his dive into that late 80's early 90's sound...I started digging around and found some good tunes for this week...I'll start with Pebbles, AKA Perri Arlette McKissack, AKA the former Mrs LA Reid , AKA that lady who ripped off TLC...   8

SheRa 28 Jun 2015


EllaMatildaB 11 Apr 2013

How could you let him treat you so bad?

daniela 18 Mar 2012

Pebbles / 1987 #793

mondosalvo 25 Aug 2015

12" found at that one off-the-hook antique store on Saint Laurent above Mont-Royal, run by the one dude, with the handmade dolls and Roman pins and gay porn card decks and Nazi war memorabilia -- in a crate with Exposé's "Tell Me Why" and Miami Sound Machine's "Conga / Bad Boy" and a whole lotta Mantovani, for $3. I was in there looking for the doohickey you use to adapt a 45-RPM 7" to a 33 1/3" player, because that's the only store in Montreal you can be sure would carry a thing like that. Dude sold me the doohickey for another $3 and threw in the 7" of Europe's "Love Chaser" for free.

minimoonstar 26 Feb 2014