Perpetuum Mobile [Penguin Cafe Orchestra] by Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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but lograh was first  

This is one of the prettiest and saddest songs I know, full stop.   9

melvillean 26 Jun 2012

Penguins?! I like them. Merry #Easter.   10

Avante 19 Apr 2014

Since I'm banging on about Penguin Cafe Orchestra...

gths 13 Oct 2014

Mary and Max   3

lotski 4 Aug 2015

Perhaps one of my favorite modern orchestral writing pieces.

kylehorner 18 Dec 2014

First heard this on a Horizon program about Andrew Wyles pursuit and solution of Fermat's Last Theorem. Loved it then, still do now.

stevieanderson 2 Dec 2014