Non-Alignment Pact by Pere Ubu

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It's all because of you. YOU BETTER SIGN IT (classic Pere Ubu!)

substitute 23 May 2014

This is for dad, who I lost back in March of this year. The original Batman was one of his favorite TV shows and Non-alignment Pact by Pere Ubu one of his favorite tracks (and mine too!)... yet I didn't put this compilation together, I stumbled across it on YouTube, someone else must have had very similar taste to him!

jpaylor 21 Jun 2015

Whilst looking through some old LP's last weekend I came across my 1978 copy of The Modern Dance, so jamming a track cause you don't hear much of Pere Ubu these days - they seem to have moved from radically subversive to radically unfashionable. Oh well!

JezBurtonshaw 25 Nov 2014

Nan-Alignment Pact. Dumb inside joke for my wife.   4

thefamilyghost 12 Feb 2013

You'd better sign it.   2

OnlySimonLucas 15 Jul 2013

Sadly I lost my dad a few weeks ago. He taught me everything I know about music and set me on a path to discovering some fantastic bands that I'll treasure forever. We went to a lot of gigs together, especially in his last few years, including Pere Ubu late last year and we were able to meet all the band. This was his favourite track from his favourite album, it played loudly and prominently as the opening track at his funeral last week. This one's for you, Dad!   1

jpaylor 23 Mar 2015