The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu

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Dystopian and totally original   1

WineAlchemy1 17 Nov 2014

One of the best American Punk albums ever, easy.   2

aHandfulOfRain 9 May 2015

David Thomas David Thomas David Thomas   3

noemie 13 Sep 2013

'Cause our poor boy believes in chance...   1

Ramone666 12 Jul 2012

Concert in Wels/Austria coming up ... and Austria is too far for me to go (thanks Wvrnen Nervne for sharing this with me - now I'm all jealous!)   1

ssollinger 20 Jun 2013

Pere Ubu seemed a good choice to go with @bruces's old cyberpunk anthology 'Mirrorshades'

TiredHippo 27 Dec 2011