My October Symphony by Pet Shop Boys

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My favourite track from my favourite album from my favourite band.

markwtaylor1 31 Aug 2012

A song about the Russian Revolutions (note the plural). Happy October :-)

ncplewis 1 Oct 2012

As autumn settles in a jam from my favorite album.

daftmonk 27 Oct 2014

Wine sipping music. You stay up too late and think too much.

ManilaChinchila 22 May 2015

I leave TIMJ with what is probably not just my favorite PSB song, but one of my favorite songs period. Autumn has rolled in, I'll be glad to see Summer wane, and I bid TIMJ farewell. It has truly been a pleasure, thank you for all the music, and I will keep the flame going over on LetsLoop.

pythonchris 24 Sep 2015

A symphony for October no less!

lairdofnowhere 22 Oct 2012