West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys

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but booldog was first  

Please / 1986 #893   1

mondosalvo 15 Sep 2015

Heard this song this week, it so much reminds me of living in London

Nickita 20 Mar 2015

A classic piece of PSB #HopeYouLikeIt   5

jovisgoesnuts 10 Sep 2014

It was only when this popped up on the GTA V soundtrack that I realised it had been completely ruined for me by Flight Of The Conchords.   7

crawtonleek 23 Sep 2013

The last non-metal album I bought in my teenage years   2

silentbazz 22 May 2015

How did Neil Tennant hit 60 when I'm still 29? This song will never grow old for me   2

nasalhazel 13 Jul 2014