I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez

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Obviously, I watched "Chef" and loved the soundtrack. The track gives me tingles.

SufiahBear 1 Jan 2015

Loving Florida so far, spent a great weekend with @natyblooming and family. Have had this song in my head all weekend after hearing it in the movie Chef which I watched on the plane last week (quick review: enjoyable yet utterly inconsequential film, fantastic soundtrack). This track totally suits my mood at the moment!   8

Brownpants 15 Sep 2014

#boogaloo #bronx #1966 "...a mi me gusta así!" sending summer greetings to @andresnash

voyagesmusicaux 8 Aug 2015

Sun is out and this came on the iPod this morning... Perfect   2

AndyMack 25 Feb 2015

feeling a little latin this week

Lannuss 18 Jul 2012

Went to see Chef at the Cinema this weekend. Brilliant soundtrack. #picturehouse #chef #formerodeoncinematheme #salsa #summer

Lorraine 30 Jun 2014