Homosapien by Pete Shelley

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Former Buzzcock Pete Shelley gets taxonomic on you. Note "grown up" (CBM) version of the Commodore Pet.   1

MarkKriegsman 3 Dec 2011

Choosing this for two reasons. One reason should be obvious...in light of recent events here in the US. The other reason is it brings me back to college days, when John Loscalzo allowed me to hang out at the WNYU radio station. RIP John. I actually have a memory of him regarding this song... while it was playing he was talking about how awkward it was to tell your parents that you liked a band named the Buzzcocks...

JerseyGrrrl 3 Apr 2015

Between the original break-up of the Buzzcocks, and their reforming in the late 80's Pete was putting out disco hits. Extended Mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhNL9PRO4mo #MyClubbingSoundtrack   5

markhdz 25 Nov 2013

I'm pretty sure I first heard this on TIMJ. #FarewellJams

AttackingToms 21 Aug 2015

Back to the #Pride soundtrack again, I'm afraid!   1

WhoseClue 9 Jan 2015

The Gay Agenda proceeds apace, my friends. Next week it's mandatory makeovers for everyone!   1

Kid_Dada 27 Jun 2015