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Will miss TIMJ. :-(   31

heatherrings 10 Aug 2015

In this proud land we grew up strong We were wanted all along I was taught to fight, taught to win I never thought I could fail   10

itskerryc 25 Jun 2014

#Phonogram   1

kierongillen 25 Sep 2015

I think this was written about the recession and job losses in the 80s.It is so apt for this current climate!

paininthebrum 2 Mar 2013

Don't give up 'cause you have friends Don't give up You're not the only one Don't give up No reason to be ashamed Don't give up You still have us Don't give up now We're proud of who you are Don't give up You know its never been easy Don't give up 'cause I believe there's a place There's a place where we belong

KennethPedersen 22 Jun 2015

*bursts into tears*   3

McKelvie 17 Apr 2012