Shock The Monkey by Peter Gabriel

“You know you've got to... Shock the monkey!”

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You know you've got to... Shock the monkey!

simoncollins 27 Jul 2015

Yes please.

mrsnormanknows 6 Feb 2012

He loves a bit of slap on, does Peter. #meninmakeup

DavidShepherd 6 Feb 2015

What the heck was that video about.

riddsteve 4 Dec 2014

After the great songs this week I have to finish with this. From 'Security' 1982. Ahead of its time.   3

adrian4acn 3 Aug 2012

I think this is a great track. Best listened to on vinyl through a high end hi-fi system using really good speakers that can deliver the great bass sounds ...but headphones and a lap top are better than nothing.  I think drugs may have been involved in the video production.....weird.   13

heatherrings 7 Sep 2013