Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

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nynexrepublic 5 Mar 2012

Crimea Turk

IFawDown 26 Feb 2015

Hi guys, we have a new post up taking a close look at this classic video. We hope you like it! We would also love you to come and like our Facebook page - we promise to try and liven up your Facebook experience!! :-)   10

MVD 10 Apr 2014

Finally getting to see one of my idols tonight. I know this track is often Jammed but there's a reason... It's AMAZING.   18

BertrandRustles 21 Oct 2013


Metacosmica 23 Apr 2015

Great video and great song; Peter Gabriel produced some of the most interesting music of the 70;s and 80's with and without Genesis.   1

gingrich1 22 Jun 2015