The Family And The Fishing Net by Peter Gabriel

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nynexrepublic 24 Sep 2012

This was my favourite song for a very long time, the flutes at the beginning (I actually don't know what it is... I guess they're flutes.) Such a great sound, I love this song.   1

MaxVerweijen 8 Oct 2013

I was 14, & some forgotten but far sighted teacher at my secondary modern school, arranged an outing for us, to a gig in Oxford. Headline act were Lindisfarne, who we were all quite eager to see & hear. We arrived with meticulous planning, in plenty of time & were therefore all seated well early. This was my first gig, so I didn't know about support bands & was dismissively disappointed when a bunch of pretentious art school types took to the stage, & proceeded to play a load of ethereal effeminate nonsense! This wasn't Fog on the Tyne, where were Lindisfarne? When the lead singer of the art school bunch came on stage wearing a long white robe & a large foxes head, well, I thought, wtf is this!?! Little did I know as that uncouth youth, that I was witnessing the early outings of a true genius & a star! That bunch of art students were of course Genesis & the pratt in the foxes head, Peter Gabriel. :)   8

Phyl 5 Sep 2015