Mouthful of Diamonds by PHANTOGRAM

“This is my jam for like the third time over.”

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This is my jam for like the third time over.

Blinkity 2 Dec 2011

Another one from Phantogram, since the last one went over so well.   2

melvillean 25 Jul 2012

From the 'jams my lovely daughter introduced me to in 2009' collection

KBro 16 Oct 2013

Shout out to Old-Skool @clientroomradio

mattsheret 1 May 2012

Stuck in my head this morning.

justplainscott 23 Jan 2015

I know I post a lot of Phantogram, but as I listen to them more, I appreciate them more. Phantogram is like what you'd get if you mixed Geoff Barrow from Portishead, with Emily Haines from Metric. Unlike many of these bands, the background music is extremely clever, and grows on you as you listen until it's 50/50 with the vocals, something unusual for acts with such perfect vocals. I just get the feeling with Phantogram... that there is a great deal to come, that we're along for a long and fascinating ride. Theres something very special about this band, in the balance of the songs, the complexity of the music, the bravery in the use of unusual melodies, the sweetness and shyness of Sarah, the damn-coolness of Josh, the sincerity of their interviews, the whole package is superb! One for the ages. I chose this song, because it's pretty approachable, but their best songs are the less approachable ones that grow on you over the months. Probably my favourite band at the moment.   2

llaith 1 Apr 2015