Easy Lover by Phil Collins

“Kanske det enda ditt nyår behöver.”

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Kanske det enda ditt nyår behöver.

folkmunnen 31 Dec 2011

I thought Phil Collins was one cool dude when I was young I'm pretty sure I went out and bought a blue vest because of this film clip!!! The song gets stuck in your head big time!!!! The solo is awesome!   4

luggy9 5 Sep 2013

Great collaboration with Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire. One of my favorite songs from the '80s.   1

rsbanks 20 Apr 2014

Top 10 All Time Earworm

danradin 15 Jun 2014

I just rediscovered that I have a bunch of Phil Collins songs on my work computer for some reason.

srah 9 Oct 2014

Old skool.

gjagiello 8 May 2015