1901 by Phoenix

“this band is gr8, check them out”

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this band is gr8, check them out

Asteroid 5 Sep 2015

#nowplaying Phoenix-1901》past & present 1855 1901

juanjoarias 11 Feb 2015

I cannot hear this song without thinking the lyrics are "Baldin', baldin', baldin', BALD HEAD!"

triciacooper 27 May 2015

Looking forward to a new Phoenix album & (hopefully) seeing them in concert again in '13. Until then...

sweeter 7 Jan 2013

It’s twenty seconds 'til the last call Going hey hey hey hey hey hey Lie down you know it’s easy Like we did it over summer long

Lighthouses4ALL 31 Jul 2014

"1901" by @wearephoenix is our weekend whiskey sipping jam. Digging this live version. #littleforksoundtrack

littleforkla 19 Sep 2014