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“The best pop single of the past decade.”

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The best pop single of the past decade.

nicolauacornpro 6 Sep 2013

I'd raaather be alooooooone   1

MaxRocks 23 Apr 2013

They made a music video! :D   2

rvleonard 7 Mar 2013

#Phoenix live in #Taipei ! My First Gig Ever!  It was beyond perfect!  Thank you Alice for being the perfect wingman! I'm so proud of the Taipei crowd, I think we showed the band some good time! Phoenix, on vous aime! Merci beaucoup and Please come back sometime!

catnaper 12 Aug 2014

Fresh as Air.   24

AlicejustMay 11 Mar 2013

Skip the first 25 seconds - then it gets goooood!

smile_uk 26 Aug 2014