Dogs by Pink Floyd

“From the magnificent Animals (1977). By Pink Floyd. Dogs. Stunning.”

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but maschwork was first  

From the magnificent Animals (1977). By Pink Floyd. Dogs. Stunning.   6

JeromeRiguidel 2 Jun 2015

I know it's the wrong album cover,but it's quite difficult to find the album version of the song on YouTube.   4

berezakrut 6 Feb 2014

Yeah, again.   1

shammack 12 May 2015

I had a dog that would always sit facing the speakers dead centre whenever Floyd was on. Anything else and he would lie down with his back to the speakers. But the one track that slightly disturbed him was Dogs. He would walk up,to each speaker in turn even looking behind the speaker when the 'barking' began. Happy days.   3

jem 13 Dec 2014

Very underrated album and such a great combination of Roger's lyrics and David's playing.   4

nottonmusic 7 Jul 2015

A very, very long one today. 17 minutes(!). Also, this: The version linked is a very early live recording from before even Wish You Were Here came out. Lots of completely different lyrics.

a3poify 14 Feb 2015